Menstrual cramps and Chiropractic

Ever wonder if chiropractic can help with excessive cramping during menstration? Happy to report after 4 months of chiropractic care our 13 year old patient reported having 2 consecutive menstrual cycles nearly PAIN FREE! She was having terrible, debilitaing pain for 2 years on every cycle that would keep her home for at least 2-3 days and on medication! The human body is amazing and we are thrilled to help this young girl optimize her nervous system health to give her better quality of life!
Dr. Paez has been working in health care for over 20 years, 15 of those years he has dedicated himself through chiropractic to help people overcome health challenges that most of western medicine continues to “treat” from the outside in. Dr. Paez went to the prestigous Life University in Georgia because he wanted to understand the philosophy of chiropractic, that is he wanted to not only learn what was required to be a primary care physician but also to have a foundation from which to work with people. You see most people dont know this but chiropractic was developed off a major premise – sort of like Star Trek’s primary directive.
How does this relate to menstrual cramps and chiropractic? Well, the major premise of chiropractic acknowledges that a universal intelligence is in all matter and continuously giving to that matter all its properties and actions thus maintaining it in exisitance…. easier written than said for sure ๐Ÿ™‚ The major premise is the foundation for the next 32 philosphical tenents of chiropractic and as each build on the previous the understanding of how Dr. Paez sees the body becomes more clear. One particular tenent states that every one of us is born with an innate intelligence. Our innate intelligence is from universal intelligence(I wrote about above) only its function is to keep us alive, keep us balanced. It’s always working in our best interest. There are things however that interfere with this process that is suppose to keep us healthy and alive. In the spine its referred as a subluxation which is in the most simpliest terms a stuck, misalignment of a bone in the spine that compromises the health of the nerve that is exiting the spine. Which finally bring me back to women, the menstrual cycle and the pain that is experienced every month. You see, when the pelvis or another area of the spine, misaligns it gets stuck, then with time pinches the nerve associated with the uterus and the muscles of the pelvis. What Dr. Paez has been doing is working the women’s inborn intelligence by correcting the spinal imbalance so that vital nerve flow can be restored. The results are women are regaining normal cycles, reducing heavy menstrual flow and reducing the number of days of cramping and the intensity of them too! Dr. Paez insistes that not all women will have the same result and he has seen in practice the earlier he starts from menarche or from when sypmtoms first start the better the chance that things can be normallized. If you think you may have a subluxation we recommend that you get yourself checked to see if Dr Paez can help you. ๐Ÿ™‚