Happy Holidays and Our very own Face Lift!




Three Ideas!
Celebrate the Season!
Give the Gift of Health!
Be Thankful for Your Health and Your Family!

For many of our patients, 2009 was an eye-opening year for many reasons.  Many saw their health improve while members of their household, neighborhood or office saw their health decline.  Many did not get the flu even though they didn’t get the flu shot.  Many saw health problems that they suffered with for years fade away under our care.
And, many of you wondered, “why there seem to be so many children as patients?” In fact, there were times when the office felt like a pediatrician’s office.  More children than ever were brought in by their parents.  Not because they had back pain but because their parents wanted their children to be as healthy as they could be now, and for the rest of their lives.  We strongly believe that it is far better to grow healthy kids than repair damaged adults.  We can help you grow your kids healthy.  Call our office to schedule appointments to have their nervous systems checked so that they can be healthier now, and for the rest of their lives!  That’s right!  Why not give the gift of health to the people you love the most-your family!  Why not give the gift of health to your employees so that they can BOTH enjoy this holiday season and be healthier and more productive next year too!  And, don’t leave out your friends and neighbors…ask us how we can help you give the gift of health this year!

The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…The Bottom Line…

Everyone is talking about healthcare reform but they are focused on how to pay the ever climbing bills charges by the medical-drug-hospital complex in the US.  Iinstead, why not put the government to work investing in people and how to keep them healthy as a minimum and grow their health so its optimum.  What if the focus was on creating a health development model instead of trying to fix a broken “sick” care model by throwing more money at it?

This issue of the HealthTip News is brought to you as a public service by Dr Paul Paez, D.C.

P.S. You will soon be noticing a few changes at our office.  Our own Face Lift, including a change in name – North Coast Wellness Center!  Thanks to all of you who gave input and insight in the creation of our new name.


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