Happy Feet!

February 2012

Happy Feet

As far back as 1600 B.C., we have been wearing shoes for comfort, protection, style and performance. Lately, there has been a debate as to what we should be putting on our feet …or not. The running shoe industry has grown to massive proportions in the last 30 years, and some argue that the shoes we wear today — with all the support and cushion — are actually weakening our natural arches, and causing more injuries than they prevent!
The shoes and inserts we wear today attempt to replace our natural arches. By doing so, some argue, the natural support structures in our feet (arches, muscles and tendons) have weakened so much that they no longer do what they were designed to do.
Some experts, like Benno Nigg of the Human Performance Lab at the University of Calgary, claim that wearing shoes causes the small muscles of the feet and even core muscles to become weak, which impacts our natural biomechanics and may contribute to knee and hip pain. Nigg believes that by strengthening muscles in the foot, we can improve our natural biomechanics.
While there isn’t much clinical evidence that running shoes have improved sports performance or reduced injury rates, there is also little evidence that running barefoot or in minimal footwear offers any advantages. There is growing evidence that high heels and stiff shoes do cause damage to feet and may lead to back problems.
So what’s the solution?
Things To Do To Have Happier Feet:
1.    Practice walking barefoot – start slow and at home
2.    Buy soft sole shoes with little to no heel.
3.    If using shoes add orthotics – for some barefoot isn’t an option so give yourself support
4.    Avoid constricting shoes

Healing Affirmations

From her book Heal Your Body Louise L. Hays gives suggestions on how to awaken within you the ability to contribute to your own healing process. She advises to pick an aliment or problem and read affirmations associated with those problems to help eliminate them. Read the affirmation(s) for thirty days and see  how your body feels.

The Problem          Probable Cause                                                New Thought Pattern

Feet                Represent our understanding– of                             My understanding is clear, and I am

                         ourselves, of life, of others.                         willing to change with the     times. I am safe.


FEET , FEET, FEET… Where do I go?
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