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Among his patients Dr. Paez has been considered one of the best most gentlest chiropractors in North County.

“Dr. Paez is a master in his profession” – J. Lee


Under Paez Chiro Care you can expect:

  • Increase flexibility and pliability. A body that can move normally with less pain and greater range is better able to handle the physical demands of life, ie; workouts, household chores, and work duties.
  • Increase mental clarity and bring greater emotional peace. A nervous system that is irritated translates into a mind that is foggy, fatigued and unfocused. I focus on clearing irritation from patient’s nervous system by “adjusting” spinal subluxations that will result in an increase in blood and nerve flow.
  • Improve adaptability and resiliency. Physical and emotional stressors cause the body to breakdown and age faster. They also cause the immune system to work harder making people feel more rundown. My goal is to address the cycle of breakdown, returning to patients a body that has a stronger immune system and more youthful, healthier nervous system.
  • Improve productivity and reduce “down time”. Whether it is focusing on aligning patient’s spines for proper nerve function or discussing how to face the troubling extra body weight, my overall objective is to improve quality of life through a holistic approach. The healthier a person is, the more they can do, experience and offer in their lives.
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