Competitive Pricing with

Competitive Pricing with PaezChiroCare

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HealthCare shouldn’t be low quality and low priced or so expensive most can’t afford it. Dr Paez’s solution is to use 45min-1 hour to really get to know your body and formulate a specific plan tailored to your needs. Upon completing the initial phase of care a simple membership plan is offered:  


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Chiropractic Program

Healthcare should be caring, simple and affordable.

Normally our fee for a new patient examination is $80 and a chiropractic adjustment is $55.  However we  would like to make sure you are getting regular nurturing and self care that is so vital to your health.  So we created a Chiropractic Wellness Membership Program:


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Wellness Care Program

[list style=”check”][item]Up to 2 Chiropractic adjustments/mo[item]Complimentary 30 min massage/yr[item]Health updates [/list]


After you have completed you initial relief care plan (6-8 visits), you may qualify for this membership.   The program is ideal if you have a specific condition that may initially require multiple visits and therapies but after things have stabilized you require ongoing preventative/wellness care. Therapies are an additional charge.  Worker’s Compensation, insurance, and personal injury cases cannot be used with this membership. 


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I have offered this to many of my patients and what we have found is it not only reduces financial strain but gives patient’s the care they need to help them live healthier lives.  Patients using these programs love it and we think you will too!! Call us today at 760-632-1134 or email us at to make your appointment.


Chiropractic Membership Guidelines

  1. $99 one time enrollment fee.
  2. Membership is based on monthly debit or annual prepayment.
  3. All Chiropractic adjustments are to be used within 60 days of previous months debit date.  Those not used will be forfeited.
  4. All Chiropractic adjustments visits are based on availability, hours and discretion of the doctor.
  5. All memberships are non-transferable.
  6. PaezChiroCare reserves the right to cancel client’s membership at any time without cause.
  7. All Chiropractic memberships are for symptom free maintenance care and cannot be used for treatment of symptoms as the result of auto accident, work injury, or any other acute injury.
  8. All membership use is based on appointment and hours of operation of the Wellness Programs.
  9. No cash or credit refunds for unused services.