Car Accidents

Whiplash is one of the most common injuries suffered in an automobile accident. It is the more common term used to describe a Cervical Acceleration / Deceleration Injury. When an automobile is hit from either direction, the impact forces the unprotected head and neck into a “whipping” motion, resulting in serious injury. Unlike chronic injuries, whiplash is a very acute and painful condition that cannot be avoided. Statistics say that every person will be in at least one automobile accident in their lifetime. Regardless of the extent of the accident, whiplash can have a lingering effect on one’s cervical spine (neck). Even if pain is not an immediate symptom, the damage done to the spinal cord and nervous system can go undetected until a chronic condition results. If you or someone you know have been in an automobile accident, the appropriate course of action to prevent future health problems is to consult a chiropractor. Dr. Paez has extensive experience treating people who have been in car accidents.


Sport Injuries

When participating in sports, whether you are a seasoned athlete or “weekend warrior”, injuries are a part of the game. Dr. Paez specializes in the diagnosis and care of sports related injuries. He is a former competitive athlete and understands what the body goes through when competing in sports. The growing interest in physical fitness has put an increased emphasis on maintaining a healthy body and its ability to function at a high level. When a injury occurs, whether from spraining an ankle on the basketball court or injuring your back playing golf, the biggest question an athlete will ask is “When can I play again?” Chiropractors are trained to know the limits of the human body. Dr. Paez has extensive experience in successfully caring for athletes and getting them Back In The Game. Our patients include competitive athletes from grade school to the collegiate level and beyond.

Disc Injuries

Intervertebral discs (AKA: “shock-absorbers” of the spine) are the cartilage cushions located between the vertebrae (bones) of the spine. Discs can become inflamed, irritated, bulging, and even ruptured if the spine undergoes even the most trivial of traumas. The most common signs that a person may be suffering from a disc problem are numbness and tingling through their arms and legs, often accompanied by sharp shooting pains. Discs that are bulging or pinching on a nerve exiting the spinal column can be a very serious condition directly linked to subluxations (spinal misalignment). Dr. Paez is thoroughly trained to diagnosis and care for disc problems. Often diagnostic imaging in the form of x-rays and MRI’s are needed to properly diagnosis a disc problem condition. When properly addressed, chiropractic care can successfully minimize and eliminate the pain and suffering that come from disc problems.

If you have been in a car accident (recent or past), have a sports injury, or believe you may have a disc injury, consult Dr. Paez for a complete examination.


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