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Encinitas Chiropractor

Dr. Paul A. Paez D.C.

Dr. Paul Paez, D.C., is recognized in the San Diego County Community, as well as nationally, as a leading authority amongst chiropractic doctors in natural, gentle and profoundly effective chiropractic care. Dr. Paez’s clinic is a holistic, all natural, drug-free chiropractic wellness center that helps to save people from the devastating and often permanent effects of medication and surgery.

He has been serving in the health care arena for over 20 years, dramatically improving the quality of people’s lives. Dr. Paez’s form of patient care has made him one of the top chiropractors in the nation due to the advanced technique that he has personally developed over his 16 years in practice. It is common for many of Dr. Paez’s patients to travel extensively from out of state (even out of the country!) just to experience its life changing results.

Dr. Paez is also recognized for his unique non x-ray brain-based approach to posture correction. Click here to learn more about posture correction. Because of his specialty in advanced spinal care and nervous system restoration many medical professionals and even other chiropractors refer their toughest cases to him. Dr. Paez achieves superior results for his patients even in the most chronic and difficult cases when often other methods of care have failed.

He is certified in the Webster Technique, an advanced chiropractic adjustment system that focuses on spinal alignment for pregnant women.

He is also the developer of a free educational site dedicated to improving posture. Click here to see PosturePossible.com

Dr. Paez’s youthful appearance is a testament that he wholeheartedly practices the chiropractic lifestyle which promotes vitality and longevity; he endeavors to help others experience the benefits from achieving the same freeing, holistic lifestyle.

Please explore our website and review the amazing results as told directly from Dr. Paez’s patients.

Dr. Paez’s Commitment to You:

To increase your flexibility and pliability.

To increase mental clarity and bring greater emotional peace.

To improve adaptability and resiliency.

I am so grateful to have visited Dr. Paez’s Encinitas Chiropractic office. He has truly helped me and my family live “lively” now. And I know I can trust with our membership program our families health will continue to last for a long time to come.

StacyEncinitas, PaezChiroCare Member

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